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WD 127: New Slyvaneth Models & Rules

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Jul 3 2016


You want treefolk, well this is how you get treefolk! Come see the big TEN new releases for Age of Sigmar in the new White Dwarf.

Another great White Dwarf is here, and the Paint Splatter is back! Come see the latest on the new Sylvaneth, and their new rules in this weeks issue as we count down the weeks to them going monthly!


White Dwarf 127 $4



The Wyldwoods are unleashed as the Sylvaneth return! White Dwarf have got a first look at all the stunning new miniatures (look at that mighty Alarielle and Wardroth Beetle on the cover!) and the new battletome (the first of a great new style), plus warscrolls, Paint Splatter and more. All that and there’s still space for an alien upstart to make their way into Hall of Fame…

  • White Dwarf 126 - Inside the Covers