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40K: Deathwatch Wave 3 Unboxed

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Aug 29 2016


The last of the Deathwatch releases are here. Did we get even more value from GW? Come see the new miniatures!

The last of the Deathwatch are here, as we slide into 40k skirmish season with next week’s eagerly anticipated Kill Team core set.

But don’t sleep on the new releases this week as allocations are high at retailers around the world, as price savvy hobbyists are snapping up these new miniatures.Let’s take a look at some pricing comparisons for the new sets:


Deathwatch Wave 3 Releases:

(remember all of these except the Kill Team, and the Corvus comes with the upgrade sprue, and the terminators box comes with a whopping three!)

  • Watch Master Clampack $25  – Compare to Space Marine Commander $22.25
  • Chaplain Clampack $25 – Compare to BA Chaplian with Jump Pack $33
  • Librarian/ Terminator Armor Clampack $30 – Compare to Space Marine Librarian in Termie armor $30
  • Kill Team Box Set $35 – Compare to Space Marine Sternguard $50
  • Corvus Blackstar Box Set $65 – Compare to Stormraven for $82
  • Deathwatch Venerable Dreadought Box Set $50  Compare to Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought for $46.25
  • Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans Box Set $45 Compare to Space Marine Vanguard Vets $40
  • Deathwatch Terminators Box Set $45 Compare to Space Marine Terminators $50
  • Corvus Blackstar $65 Compare to Stromraven $82

So there are some clear winners and losers there for sure, but overall some great savings to be had on the new release.

Speaking of new releases, did you notice how Games Workshop just took what was basically six new products (Watch Master, Corvus, Kill Team, Upgrade Sprue, Artemis, and the Codex itself) and turned it into a 3 week release of nearly 20 new products, most of which were re-packages?

Checkout the new releases in our first look unboxing below, and lock yours in now from your favorite retailer!


Who still thinks Games Workshop doesn’t know what they are doing?


  • Painting a Corvus Blackstar the GW Way