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GW: Warhammer TV Talks Tips for Deathwatch

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Aug 12 2016


Rob & Eddie from the Warhammer TV crew share some insights from the Deathwatch Codex!

The Warhammer TV team has a new video talking about some of the cool tips & tricks the Deathwatch has up their sleeves. They touch on a wide variety of topics like Kill Teams, expanding your Deathwatch Army, the Mission Tactics and more.

via Games Workshop (Warhammer TV Facebook)


“Warhammer TV shares some top tips for anyone planning to take the boys in black* into battle:

*We mean the Deathwatch, not the Black Legion, Raven Guard, Iron Hands or Death Company, obviously.”

I’m really glad to see this type of content from the Warhammer TV Team, even if it’s all very high-level stuff. Their Hobby tutorials and content are fantastic and now they are talking about army/lists building and gameplay.

Anytime I get to hear about gameplay and tips from someone inside the company that makes the game, regardless of the game, I always sit-up and listen. For me, it’s interesting to hear their point of view because they are so much closer to the design team than I will ever be. Getting that small glimpse behind the curtain is appreciated!



Mixed unit models, mission tactics and a whole lot of firepower – what’s not to like?!

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