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HeroClix It Up: The Many Faces of Spider-Man

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Aug 17 2016
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Take a look at how different versions of Spidey can help you on the tabletop!


The 049 rare version of Spider-Man from the Superior Foes of Spider-Man set, who brings two very powerful traits, as well as two tremendous special powers to the game. His first trait, Trusty Spider-Sense allows Spider-Man to use Super Senses, and he can also evade attacks made by characters using Precision Strike.


The next version of the Wall-Crawler puts out eyes squarely on one of the most popular iterations of Spider-Man, the 2015 008 LE from the Marvel HeroClix: Symbiote Monthly OP Kit. When he wore the black costume, Spider-Man was a more aggressive, more powerful version of himself. First, he has a stack of Improved Movement, including Ignoring Elevated Terrain, Ignoring Hindering Terrain, and Ignoring Characters – meaning this Spidey has the most mobility from top to bottom on his dial than any other that we’ll look at today.


The 056 Chase from the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set, Iron Spider is a powerhouse – and he gives you a built in set of options! His trait, Morph: Spider Armor, allows him to be given a move or close combat action. After those actions resolve, you may replace him with any other character with this trait, the Morph: Identity Crisis trait, or the Morph: Changing Frequencies trait on the same click number. Iron Spider has two special powers – the first, called Gliding to the Rescue and the second special power is called Three “Waldos.



Our final version of Spider-Man is a more… Superior version – the Superior Spider-Man! The 060 Super Rare from the Superior Foes of Spider-Man comes loaded with three traits to show how superior he is to other versions. First up is the trait Superior Spider Arms, which states Superior Spider-Man can use Flurry. When he does, he can use Probability Control, and when he hits, the hit character’s defense value is modified by -1 until your next turn.

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Author: Mars Garrett
  • HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man - Stilt-Man