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HeroClix: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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Aug 5 2016


Peter, Jonah, and Doc Ock join the cast of Superior Foes of Spiderman!

Friends and foes of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man come swinging into the new Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man set— featuring a selection of both classic and contemporary Spider-Villians as well as the return of the Serpent Society. Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man also features ClixFX bases—an easy way to track on-going game and environmental effects!

The Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and His Greatest Foes Fast Forces Pack is on it’s way… let’s take a look at some of what’s in it! Each pack contains 6 figures, a clixFX base, and a rule sheet.

Let’s start with the star of the show…

via Wizkids:


Coming into play at 75 points, Spider-Man’s Protect the Innocent trait lets him use the Carry ability but only to carry a character with a lower point value.  As for special powers, Spider-Man can use Web Slingshot, which allows him use Hypersonic Speed.  When he does so, you may place him in a square of higher elevation within four squares and line of fire, before moving.  Web Slingshot should come in handy for those times when an opponent is trying to use map terrain to hide, essentially letting Spider-Man reposition and launch from a square of higher elevation, when he uses Hypersonic Speed.




Jonah Jameson has a point value of 25 and has a short dial that features SidestepWillpower and Outwit. What makes J. Jonah Jameson really interesting is his special power, The World Needs to Know: Your Reckless Actions, which permits him choose an opposing character within four squares and line of fire at the beginning of your turn.  The chosen character cannot be given power actions until your next turn.  The World Needs to Know: Your Reckless Actions is a great power for limiting an opponent’s options by preventing them from acquiring power actions.



Like Spider-ManDoctor Octopus can be added to your force by paying 75 points.  Doctor Octopus’s dial is highlighted by a special power in his speed slot that represents his mobility through the use of his iconic robotic arms.  His special power, Arm Walk, lets him use Sidestep and Improved Movement that lets him ignore elevated terrain, hindering terrain, and allows him to move through squares adjacent to opposing characters (but he’ll still need to break away normally).  The rest of Doctor Octopus’s dial is highlighted by standard powers befitting his scientific genius:  FlurryWillpowerEnergy Shield/DeflectionCombat ReflexesOutwit, and Perplex.

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Author: Mars Garrett
  • PP: Limited Edition Warcasters Available!