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Mastering the New Sylvaneth Battletome

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Aug 4 2016


Sylvaneth are unleashing the fury of Alarielle all over Age of Sigmar. Today we’re talking key attributes and rules!

This book has been out a bit, Games Workshop sent out some press copies in advance and we all go to drool over those amazing models. I don’t want to go too in-depth into the units themselves, but I do want to touch on a couple of the stand out ones:

Alarielle crop

Alarielle, comes with 16 wounds, oh and by the way sold out like popsicles on a hot summer day, but she’s a great place to start. There are not a lot of battalions that give any bonus for bringing her, but she does some serious work. She can fly, she can heal herself every hero phase, and even her Beetle does work.

The missions are set up such that you want a lot of heroes, you want a lot of units, but you also don’t want to have too many units because you’ll want the option to set up first.

The Branchwych and Branchwraith are both solid ways to add more heroes to your army on the cheap.


Kurnoth Hunters are beasts, take their scythes and don’t forget you can still shoot in close combat. They’re a very well rounded unit.




Getting into the special rules, the Allegiance Abilities are really amazing, like teleporting through trees. So, beware any Sylvaneth who’s all about setting up lots of tree’s on the table; that’s a serious advantage.

By the way: These are sold out on the Games Workshop site as of the release…



Note: you need to be ALL Sylvaneth in order to unlock the abilities; you can’t be a mix of order units and have these abilities.


There are also a spell which allows you to get more woods, but they make a note that this is only for a specific piece of terrain only; yes, that’s partly a business move but also because if you’re using different kinds of terrain it can have a big impact on the game itself. I think it’s great they’re adding in these designer notes.

Throne of vines, being able to unbind is a solid ability. Regrowth offers healing, super useful depending on the model of course. Check out the video for the full spell breakdown.

Then we get to the Artefacts of the Glades, which is another AoS first, as it allows any Sylvaneth Hero to get an artifact; for free! You can an additional hero for each warscroll battalion. That’s a solid piece of tech.

Note: these are only for generic hero’s, not for named characters like Alarielle. Again, for the full breakdown hit the video!


The Battalions have a points cost associated with them, which is in the General’s Compendium.

Free Spirits: 1,000 points for the models, then an additional 40 points for the special ability.

  • Lords of the Clan: 800 +60
  • Household: 460 + 20
  • Forrest Folk: 340 + 60
  • Outcasts: 300 + 40
  • Sylvaneth Wargrove: 3500 + 100

Then we get into the Wargroves, which kind of lets you take a different flavor for Sylvaenth with it’s own abilities and does have 0+ options, which is nice, but you’re still paying for the additional abilities.

The Gnarlroot Wargrove is neat because it lets you take any order wizard that’s in the Grand Alliance Order Book. Similarly, the Ironbark allows you to bring in some Duardin that is really neat to see; it’s basically a precedent for allies.


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