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Top Deathwatch Rules & GWs FAQ Two-Fer!

Aug 12


The newest 40k FAQ is here, we have our list of the top Deathwatch Codex rules YOU should know plus Emma from Warhammer TV.

Another Long War Two-Fer is HERE – Checkout our fantastical webcast and new and exciting podcast of table-top wargaming awesomeness.

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Top Deathwatch Rules & GWs FAQ Two-Fer! Episode 63

This week we discuss The Top 10 Deathwatch Rules, Em Durrant (Previously on Warhammer TV), & The New FAQs

Show Intros & Table Top Market Place

@5:30 Table Top Market Place

@23:03 Special Interview With Em Durrant

@44:50 New FAQ

@55:35 Top 10 Deathwatch Rules



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