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Mantic: The Rebellious Brokkr Clan

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Aug 19 2016


This great new set can be used for Warpath, Deadzone, and Firefight.

Get more bang for your buck – you can use these models in all of the Warpath setting games, making them a terrific value.

via Mantic:

According to GCPS studies, the ‘Brokkrs‘ are one of the castes of Forge Father society, holding a lower station than most others of their race. This is clearly evidenced – it is argued – by their lack of armour and low-tech weaponry. Brokkrs perform menial tasks, such as mining, bartering and repair work, making them the group of Forge Fathers most commonly encountered by humanity.


The information that the GCPS is using is flawed. Brokkrs are not a caste within Forge Father society, but rather the remains of one of the great clans of the Star Realm. Centuries ago, the Brokkvalheim Clan had grown tired of the traditions and hidebound nature of Forge Father society. They struck out on their own, abandoning the old ways and launching into exploration and negotiations with alien species. The other clans disowned them for this, leaving the ‘Brokkrs‘ to find their own destiny.

Without the strictures and advice of history, the Brokkr Clan was unstable. New methods brought risks with it and they swiftly descended into greed and anarchy, or open war with other races. Eventually, the clan was all but destroyed and their broken remnants returned to Forge Father society – although they were never fully accepted again.



Brokkrs in modern times work under other clans, much of their old identities stripped away. They retain their rebellious and independent nature, working as explorers, prospectors, merchants and adventurers. Although these ways brought them to ruin, Forge Father society needs its pioneers to drive forwards, as any Forge Lord would (begrudgingly) agree.

Brokkrs prefers to fight in close combat. Their Burst Pistols fire hails of large bore rounds, while they deal heavy blows with their Forge Hammers. For anti-armour support, the Brokkrs can call upon tracked Inferno Drills and Muspell-pattern Magma Rifles. Creations of their ingenious Engineers, these technologies match their masters in temperament.


If you can’t get enough of Brokkrs, we’ve packaged up a set specifically for Warpath. This set represents a completely legal unit in Warpath and Firefight, or could be used as the basis for an all-Brokkr Strike Team for Deadzone.

This set contains ten Brokkrs, including a Chief, Engineer and two Brokkrs with Muspell-pattern Magma Rifles. There’s also a Inferno Drill a retrofitted mining laser re-purposed for warfare.

The Brokkrs set is available for pre-order, and you can pick up these great models as part of the Forge Father Faction Starter and Faction Booster.



Are you playing with a Forge Fathers army? What do you think of them?

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