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40K Conquest: Against the Great Enemy Arrives

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Sep 10 2016
Warhammer 40K


The second to last War Pack for the Death World Cycle is still releasing on the 15th – Are you ready?

Even with the Big News of the FFG/GW relationship ending that doesn’t mean 40K Conquest is stopping dead. Fantasy Flight Games still has two War Packs to release to complete the Death World Cycle and it looks like they are still going to produce them. But, seeing as how this is probably going to be a last run, you might want a heads up if you want to grab them now…

via Fantasy Flight Games


While every faction is getting something cool with this War Pack Chaos is getting some pretty beefy reinforcements. Starting with a new Helbrute to take the stage:


The bad boy has 9 HP and is ready to lay the smack down with the Brutal Keyword. The Sickening Helbrute can hit hard enough to take out some of your toughest foes!



This nasty little Cloud of Flies attaches to Nurgle units and it stacks up the damage quick. Each player must deal 2 indirect damage split among non-Nurgle units they control on the planet. That’s not 2 damage per unit, but extra damage in total. That may not sound like much but it’s FREE damage. And if you’re running a Nurgle themed deck, what do you care?!


The last card that FFG teased from the set is the Purveyor of Hubris. This guy is kind of a jerk with his ability. Non-Elites units your opponent wish to play on the planet containing The Purveyor of Hubris have their resource cost increased by 2. That’s kind of a big deal! It will certainly slow down that pool of reinforcements from your opponents heading to a planet.

This set is scheduled to hit stores September 15th. That’s plenty of time before the FFG/GW licensed products stop on February 28th, 2017. If you’ve been collecting and playing Conquest 40K, I feel your pain. I have quite the collection myself but at least they are going to finish out this last set of cards before the plug gets pulled.

Against the Great Enemy $14.95



As a rain of blood pours down on Nectavus VI, the forces of Chaos run rampant, eager to devour this verdant, deadly world. Noisome daemons and foul Warp-things alike are opposed by the might of the Imperium—powerful Space Marines and legions of the Astra Militarum—but unbeknownst to all who bleed and die on this tormented world, a new player has entered the scene. An Eldar Phoenix Lord has joined the fight, moving invisibly and bringing death without warning. Her only goal is to destroy those who have brought the abomination of Chaos into the material realm, and she will slay any who stand in her way.

Against the Great Enemy is a new War Pack in the Death World cycle, and within this expansion, you’ll continue to find support for this cycle’s major themes. Additional Deep Strike cards enter the card pool, giving your units, attachments, and events new ways to arrive at the battlefield unseen by your foes. Elite units continue to become more effective and dangerous, even as a new Eldar warlord and her signature squad invite you to lead the Howling Banshees into the battle for Nectavus VI!

Prepare for the End, for it is Nigh!

Author: Adam Harrison
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