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Chaos Rising: Traitor’s Hate Tips & Tactics

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Sep 21 2016


Will this be book be enough to bring Chaos back to the tabletop?

The new Codex: Traitor’s Hate seems to be a great step in the right direction for Chaos and we may see more Chaos on the table in the near future.


Normally this is the point where we go over the new Wargear and the extra Warlord traits but they aren’t in here. It’s kind of understandable because of the other supplements that are out there but it’s very disappointing to not see them in this book!


Something that should be pointed out is the Path to Glory. At the start of each friendly turn a model with the Champion of Chaos special rule may roll on the boon table and if he has Favored Scions then he gets to roll twice and apply one or both results.


Kharn is still the same amount of points and is still not Eternal Warrior. He can not go toe to toe with a Chapter Master without rolling a bunch of 5+ invulnerables. He has good stats and will kill stuff but might not even be able to kill a Daemon Prince because he doesn’t even have the initiative to do so.

We want so bad to see this guy on the table but just don’t see him being worth the points.


~What’s your verdict on CSM’s powerlevel in the game now?


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