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Convergence: Prime Axiom 101

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Sep 20 2016



Convergence has a new kit for there collosals and its a sight to see. Check out what the the new an improved Prime Axiom can do.


What Is It?

The Prime Axiom was released intially with CoC a few years back. Today we want to look at what it does in the MK3 world since so much has changed. The Prime Axiom sports a 38 point cost with a field allowance of 2.


What’s It Do?

Prime Axiom is one of the more powerful collosals in the game. With the switch to MK3 with heavies being more and more rampant every day it can be an effective piece in today’s meta. It sports a lacklust DEF7 but a respectable ARM20. It has a ROF5 gun with which it gets all 5 shots in MK3 for free. It’s true renown though is the 2 drag cables is sports. Similar to the Galleon it can drag models from a decent RNG11 gun. They do 1 point of damage automatically – so you don’t have┬áto boost like the Galleon. With 2 shots it could easily pull in 2 heavies a turn depending on the battlefield. Follow these nasty ranged capabilities with 2 sustained attack POW21 fists and you have a metal mashing collosal!
This thing has a bag of tricks behind all those powerful weapons as well. The Axiom can launch any servitor solo it wants. This means you can have the full threat of flare, sniper, AOE exploding, and repair for free turn 1 even if you run. CoC’s Prime Axiom is definitely one of the top 3 collosals with a repertoire like this.



Example List:

Aurora and Axis are not really going to field collosals too often but the other 3 of CoC’s casters will all be serviced well by the Prime Axiom. Each of them do things differently. Father can put watcher on Axiom and make heavies squeamish too charging into it. Mother can increase its RNG,RAT, and damage output. Sytherion’s feat greatly increases the drag threat combined with synergy making the melee attacks even more devastating.

75 CoC list
Iron Mother+27
-Prime Axiom 38
-Prime Axiom 38
-Mitigator 7
-Mitigator 7
Elimination Servitors 3
Elimination Servitors 3
Optifex Directive 4
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 2


This list is a heavy spam nightmare. Even stealthed battlegroups are not safe because of the Axiom’s ability to make attunement servitors for access to flare. Mother greatly increases the range of the jacks by firegroup. A particularly nasty feat turn means even infantry is not safe because of the RAT8 guns. Throw in some repairs and snipers for the full shebang.


Revenant’s Final Thought:

All bow to the machine god. The Axiom is just better than the Conflux and better than 75% of the other large based models in the game. It can drag in heavies to their death, it produces free solos, and it hits hard in melee. The only thing it really is scared of is strangleroot. If you are thinking about getting into CoC the new Prime Axiom collosal kit is a great addition to your army.

What do you think of the new CoC collosal kit BoLS? Please share in your comments below.

Author: Revenant
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