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FFG: Star Wars – No Disintegrations Announced

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Sep 15 2016
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Fantasy Flight Games has a new Sourcebook for all you Bounty Hunter types – No Disintegrations incoming!

It’s time for Bounty Hunters to get their due in the new No Disintegrations sourcebook for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Bounty Hunters are known for their pragmatism, their fire power and their ruthless reputations. In this new book you’ll have access to new species, new Bounty Hunter Specializations and lots of new toys to play with.


IG-88’s Aggressor, Fang Fighter and the YV-666 all make an appearance in this book for some of your Bounty Hunting needs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out some of the other new gear you’ll get to play with:

“No Disintegrations has much more for you than fancy ships, of course. It introduces to Edge of the Empire™ a range of tantalizing gear: arm-mounted micro-rockets, rocket boots, precision rifles, inexpensive homing beacons, poisons, and even a holographic disguise matrix for when you want to meet face-to-face with someone, but avoid revealing your actual appearance. A lot of this gear is designed for carrying out dark deeds with no regard for morality or laws, but much of it will nevertheless appeal to Force-sensitives, Rebellion Spies, or anyone with a mission that demands secrecy and stealth. “

That is some FANCY new tech to mess around with. Perfect for whatever back-alley deals you might need to make as a Bounty Hunter.


Game Masters, don’t fret! This book also has some great new tips on how to run games that Bounty Hunters are better suited for: Investigations. For anyone who’s run a game, no matter the RPG, Investigations can be really fun and rewarding but are really hard to pull off properly. In fact, I’m pretty sure the tips included from running an Investigation scenario will transcend all RPG boundaries. People love a good mystery story and if you can leave them a good trail it’s all the more rewarding when they have that “Ah-Ha!” moment.


This book is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year. Star Wars RPG fans be sure to keep an eye out for this one – and in the meantime go read the full article from FFG right HERE.

No Disintegrations $29.95


“As a pragmatic, shrewd, and dangerous Bounty Hunter, you have a unofficial, galaxy-wide license to hunt and even, if you like, kill. The quarry and the reward is up to your contractor, but all the rest, from how you catch that quarry to what you do with it, is up to you. There aren’t that many rules that you adhere to, but there are many sentients throughout the galaxy that fear you.

No Disintegrations, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game gives you the tools and talents necessary to succeed as a Bounty Hunter, as well as the adventure material that Game Masters need to make that hunt thrilling, suspenseful, and a good challenge. Within its ninety-six full color pages you’ll find new species, three Bounty Hunter specializations and two Signature Abilities, plenty of iconic vehicles, sophisticated gear, and much more.”



But Disintegrations are so much easier to clean-up!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • X-Wing: Return of the Falcon