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Geekery: 1st Look – Justice League’s Jim Gordon

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Sep 20 2016
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Our first look at JK Simmons on set is spectacular.

Setting arguments about the DC movies aside: this is simply a great image. It has a film noir feel that harks back to classic detective comics. It makes me wish they’d make a movie shot to match it – in this style with an old Hollywood feel. Ah… one can dream…

gordon batman dc


Until Christopher Nolan brought Frank Miller’s Jim Gordon to the screen he was just a side character outside of the comics. Before the Dark Knight triolgy Gordon was portrayed by directors as an incompetent policeman that was great at randomly shouting things and turning on the bat signal. Miller and Nolan – with help from Gary Oldman’s performance – raised him into public consciousness as a solid character that holds a very human relationship with Batman.

If we get one nice thing out of Justice League I hope it’s the continuation of that relationship, and a wise use of JK Simmons’ acting chops. This image looks great – we’ll only know if it’s actually great when the movie comes out.


In other Warner Brothers news:

The CW is releasing a new app that will allow you to stream all of their shows on any device – including DC favorites The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. It’s being reported that they will stop offering day after streaming on Hulu in the near future. If you want to keep up with your shows sign up here to find out when you can download it.


What are your thoughts on Zack Snyder’s take on Jim Gordon?

Author: Mars Garrett
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