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Genestealer Cult + Chaos = AWESOME

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Sep 21 2016


What happens when a Genestealer Cult hooks up with the Ruinous Powers? GW has an answer.


We are going Waaaaay back to 1991 for this one boys and girls so get ready.  Back then 40K was young and the galaxy of fluff and armies were exploding at a crazy pace. The rule of cool was in full swing and you you could feel the creative juices bubbling inside Nottingham HQ across the globe.

Genestealer Cults were new. In a world that produced the amazing dual Chaos hardbacks Lost & the Damned and Slaves to Darkness – the question must have come up:

What happens if a Genestealer Cult Patriarch turned to Chaos in desperation and invited daemonic possession?

G512 - Rogue Trader Genestealer Patriarch on Throne '89 11-08-30

“I’m bored. Perhaps today I will turn to Chaos…”

GW made an entire armylist to answer that question and it is without doubt one of the nuttiest armies of the era if not all time in Warhammer 40K lore.  Take a look at this:



Ok, some ground rules. The Patriarch is now an “Oracle” and you get to modify his stat profile based on what type of daemon possessed him. The best part – you have to ROLL for it. Pick your patron power and get out 2D6. Maybe he made a good deal and got possessed by a Bloodthirster, or got suckered and got a Nurgling – LOL!


Once the possession of the Patriarch…umm Oracle takes place, he hands over the daemonic weapons to the Magus and the Purestrains get mutations.


The Hybrid initiates get some mutations and of course all these elite units get to tool around town in those SEXY Coven Limos. That’s FREE limos.

gc-chaos-4With the coven elites behind us, it’s time to get into the riff-raff and this is where you are going to really get the cool vibe of this armylist.  Rogue Psykers and Brood Brothers with chaos mutations lead the way. Note you have different weapon options for the Brood Brothers based on the technology level of your world.



Yes you’re heretic eyes aren’t lying. That’s mutated Beastmen and Mutand bands. Of course all these units come in the appropriate sacred number of models based on who which chaos power possessed the Oracle. If your Oracle is extra mean you can equip these plastic dudesmen with explosive collars to keep them in line.


Ahh the innocent early days back in the 90s when you could put human bombs in a game and no one would bat an eye.  I think the mutant bombs aren’t coming back but you can have some plain old daemons to fill your ranks while you wait.



Spawn, Horses and Vehicles round out the Chaos Cult. Note the horse entry is just that – Horses. You buy them here and dole them out to eligable models from other units. If you get lucky some might even be trained Warhorses! Note this is also the first appearance of a 40K chart with vehicle stats for civilian vehicles pressed into battlefield use. That chart has City Cars, Trikes, Tracked Vehicles and more.


I have to say that this is one of the most unique and creative armylists ever put out by GW and its a great example of what the early days of the game were like.


+1000 Internets to anyone who tries to make such a monstrosity work within the current allies and ruleset!

~So just remember, no matter how fringe you think an army is, or how unlikely an allied matrix armylist combo may seem – the galaxy is a big place…


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