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New White Dwarf: Inside the Covers

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Sep 6 2016


Come see the brand new monthly White Dwarf in all it’s hobby glory. A GW classic is reborn!

The new monthly White Dwarf is finally here, as Games Workshop is bringing the heat to hobbyists as the summer dies down.


Clocking in at 148 pages this new format is really a thing of wonder. It new graphic layouts are breathtaking, as well as the new feature formats. Plus the new print paper is very sturdy yet remarkably light and holds a pretty vivid color as well. I like it!


It’s also packed with 22 new features and heralds the return of some old favorites like Blanchitsu, Sprues & Glue, Paint Splatter and more.

Plus this issue had a HUGE 20+ page section of updates for most recent boxed games like Betrayal at Calth, Stormcloud Attack and more.


I really liked the new format for battle reports that kicked off with the Age of Sigmar game in this issue, and can’t wait to see a 40k version this report style as well.


Is it October yet, because I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue.

White Dwarf September 2016 $9


It’s here at last – the start of the latest, greatest incarnation of White Dwarf, the Ultimate Warhammer Magazine. At 156 full-colour A4 pages, it’s a beast of a magazine bringing you all your favourites from White Dwarf’s long history, freshly re-imagined, alongside a whole heap of stuff you never dreamed of. We’ve got all the latest news in Planet Warhammer, Army of the Month, the Battle Report, A Tale of Four Warlords, the Ultimate Guide, Blanchitsu, Readers’ Models and much, much more. That’s not to mention that this issue is a boxed game special, bringing you 24 pages of rules for no less than 9 different games! This is simply the finest issue of White Dwarf we’ve ever made. Get one now – and check out our subscription offers, because there’s much, much more to come.

Released on Friday 2 September, the first issue comes with our most amazing cover mount ever, a special gift to you to celebrate the glorious return of monthly White Dwarf.of it’s quick play time, where and when will you play it!

Is Your Wallet Excited?

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