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Which Came First, Rules or the Stormraven: RETRO

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Sep 25 2016


Grab the Chernobli Nick! We’re jumping back into the Stormraven Cat Tub Time Machine and checking out Robbie B’s conversion!


Once upon a time, Games Workshop made rules for models it didn’t make yet. One might call this future proofing. Someone else might call it an opportunity to fill a gap with amazing conversion. Produce your own designs and make some money! Whatever you want to call it, GW put the kibosh on rules without models.


It was a solid year and a half before GW released the Storm Raven. This is my attempt at making the model that I did in the interim. The front is obviously taken from the Land Raider and the top is from the Mark 1 Land Raider. I borrowed heavily from the Vendetta Gunship kit as well.

On the rear I had to make a dreadnought holder and I used magnets to lock it into place.


I of course included the missile mounts on the bottom, little did I know that it would be integrated into the wing; The Storm Raven kit was great and very forward thinking.



It was cool to see how everyone’s conversions where so close to the final design size.


Looking back, I think I would have put the engines and wings a bit higher. The Storm Raven Kit is WAY better than what I have here but I still like looking back at what I made – maybe someday I’ll paint it up for my Iron Warriors.


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