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40K RUMORS: Thousand Sons Info & More Primarchs Inbound

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Oct 13 2016


Another rumormonger is chiming in about the Thousand Sons in both 30k & 40k – plus some more info about a long-lost Primarch…

After yesterday’s bombshell about the return of the Chaos Cults, we’ve got another rumormonger opening up about the design of the Thousand Sons.


Get your Salt-Shakers Ready!

via Sad Panda

Moopy: I sincerely hope that the 1k Sons sprue ISN’T from the new end of the year HH boxed set with the custodians.

A:It’s not. The HH Marines in the game will be generic (except for the two characters).

But they come from the same CAD portfolio. Take, say, the computer models of generic 30K Tartaros Pattern Terminators, add 40K bling, change poses, switch a few weapons -> 40K Rubric Terminators. Saves time and effort and costs.


Same for the Tzeentch models. It was a massive design portfolio that included everything from Tzaangors to LoC and Magnus. They may not be the same sprue, but include lots of computer “bitz” and design elements from a large, newly created Tzeentch-design-elements-library.

(Similar approach for Khorne, Stormcast, etc..). “


It’s not that surprising considering the model designers are very good at making things interchangeable. They can already do it with regular Space Marines, no reason they can’t do the same with Tartaros Terminators too. The big news is that there is a “massive design portfolio” for all things Tzeentch. I’m really hoping that means we’ll see those Tzaangors in their own box eventually – maybe even as some type of daemonkin for both 40k/30k and AoS.


Further in the same thread we also see Sad Panda comment on who else from the Primarch Pool could be joining the game:

via Sad Panda


“Crazyterran: I thought Sad Panda… ‘suggested’ it would be Magnus/Angron/Fulgrim for team evil and Guilliman/Leman Russ for team Imperium?

At least to start with…

Though Dorn in a centurion suit would amuse me.

A: No. I only know of one other not-FW primarch in the pipeline. He’ll be “Team Imperium” and part of setting up the story for 8th.

There may be more I simply haven’t heard about, but as with Daemonkin, I can assure you that there is no plan to go through the four Chaos Gods with symmetrical releases. That’s not how the 40K story evolution for the next year or so (from the tiny bits I know) is set up.”


By itself, that little tid-bit is already interesting. Now check this comment from another rumormonger:

via Squiggly

SgtMerrick: The way I see it, you can fit the Primarchs into categories of “will they turn up?”


Most likely to be active (active in the galaxy or at least physically around):
Loyalist: Guilliman (in Ultramar), Lion El Johnson (In the Rock)
Traitor: Angron, Magnus (confirmed, obviously :P), Fulgrim, Mortarion, Perturabo, Lorgar (All Daemon Princes)

Could feasably turn up (Fate unknown or otherwise missing):
Loyalist: Corvus, Vulkan, Russ, Khan (All disappeared)
Dorn (his fate is kinda weird in that he’s considered dead but *might* not actually be)
Traitor: Alpharius (No-one can really say what happened to him, or even who he is. He’s Alpharius)

Don’t think so (Dead.):
Loyalist: Dorn(?), Ferrus (Dead), Sanguinius (Very dead)
Traitor: Konrad, Horus (Unless GW pull something, I guess :P)

Hurrah for boredom. I’m probably wrong somewhere .-.

Squiggly: Dorn is very much alive. “


Rogal Dorn is “missing and presumed dead” and has been for many years both in the Lore and here in real time. His final battle was elaborated on in the 6th Edition Space Marine Codex – the only part that was recovered was his hand which is kept in stasis by the Imperial Fists. Could Dorn have survived his fight aboard Despoiler Class Battleship Sword of Sacrilege? Only time will tell!


Thousand Sons are getting some “Generic” models and Dorn might be back from who-knows-where?! What’s your take on these rumors?


Author: Adam Harrison
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