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AdMech: Where Are My Bloody Transports

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Oct 29 2016


Mastodons, Stormbirds, Goliaths, Custodes, Sisters….blah, blah, balh. Where the hell are transports for the guys who build everyone else’s wheels?

I just finished my War Convocation.  As I look at those beautiful models sitting on the table, I see a HUGE hole in my force org.  Where are my dedicated transports?  At this point, I would settle for some funky looking skimmer that could carry five models.  Anything!  Nothing here with tracks, wheels or anti-grav.  My boys just hoof it across the table, patiently moving 6″ in the movement phase.  I know I have special rules to move a few extra inches for select units, but what about all of my troops?  Can you name a full army dex that does not have at least one transport option?  Harlequins maybe?  Every xenos dex has them.  Daemons don’t have transports, but the entire army can deep strike.  Same goes for Deathwatch.  And they have a nifty flyer transport on top of that.  Sorry, but my AdMech can’t Deep Strike.

taxi230K Mechanicum have the Triaros.  What happened to those in the last 10000 years?  You would think they would at least get a facelift or something.  Those things carry a pot load of models too!  Why is it that the guys who build every transport in the Imperium for every other Imperial army don’t have dedicated transports?  Am I whining here?  Hell yes!  I have played several 40K armies in my GW career, including Marines, Grey Knights and Nids.  Always had someway to get my models quickly deployed to some obscure corner of the table at a moments notice.  The Nids also have those fancy tunneling rules.  How about some kind of official model for AdMech that is a tunneling transport?


The lack of dedicated transports has become even more vexing now that the FAQ has forbidden Allies to deploy in friendly vehicles.  With the game in the state that it’s in, not being able to shelter models in an steel blanket leaves them disturbingly vulnerable to a barrage Alpha Strike or some kind of Drop Pod foolishness.  Even being able to put that Vanguard squad in a Razorback would be a great help.  Getting first turn would take care of the problem with Allied transports staged right next to my units, ready to load them in.  But getting first turn in no sure thing.


I look at all the models that Forge World has released over the year I have been putting together my War Convocation.  Even saw a new Mechanicum vehicle that is supposed to show up at Open Day in a week or two.  Seriously?!  You guys can put together a cool looking model for the 30K boys in red, how about the folks in my time line?  Are we the poor cousins or what?  I love the look of the Mastadon, but what a slap in the face.  Who do you think built those beasts?  It wasn’t the boys in power armour, that’s for sure.


Now here’s a challenge for all of the other 40K (or 30K) armies out there…try playing your next game without any dedicated transports or Deep Striking units.  Kind of scary to think of, isn’t it?  From a tactical perspective, having dedicated transports that can serve as OpSec is a significant factor in many games I have seen.  Now take those out of the picture.  What happens to the mobility of armies like Dark Eldar?  Flesh Tearers without Pods?  Say it isn’t so!  Let’s not leave out the GW poster boys.  Marines without Rhinos, Razorbacks or Pods.  What would that even look like?  How about all the armies with flyer transports?  Then we have the shiny new Genestealer Cults with their ability to essentially Deep Strike anywhere, anytime?  Speaking of Cults,  I want a shiny new wheeled vehicle like the Goliath!  Oh, and who built those?  Thank you Admech.


It seems that the Omnissiah (aka GW) takes care of everyone but his own.  Ya know, now that I think of it, the AdMech build entire Explorator fleets in 40K.  Out there searching for all kinds of new toys for the Omnissiah and his Tech-Priest/Fabricator General bros.  Maybe I should keep a few of those shiny, newly discovered toys for myself and not let anyone know about it?  Just sayin.  At this point I would settle for a Genestealer Cult limo…sigh.


Why is GW throwing all this other stuff at us without just a single bloody transport for the AdMech?!

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