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Burning of Prospero: Demo Game

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Oct 25


Curious about how Burning of Prospero plays? Join us for a demo game!

After doing the full unboxing we built the models and showed those off. Then we did a quick overview of the rules. So we figured, what the heck – why not show off the game in action!

The game is tile and scenario based. The scenarios will list out the forces participating and the requirements for victory. All of the scenarios are pretty straightforward and felt fairly well balanced between the two sides. The Traitors get to cast powers and the Loyalists have Custodes and Sisters to help keep things stay relatively balanced. The more we played and the more comfortable we got with the rules the faster we went.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the game play is fast and pretty simple. Again, if you have played any of the other board games from Games Workshop you should be able to grasp this game pretty quickly. You’ll recognize hints of similar game play mechanics in Burning of Prospero that were also used in the other Games Workshop games.


In our demo we took the first scenario and cut down the number of models significantly. We then played a full game turn to show off most of the mechanics in play. The big things to remember when playing are the Line of Sight rules, what “adjacent” zones are and how the attacks/armor saves work. If you can grasp those concepts and if you have your rulebook nearby, you should be able to figure out any rules issues really quickly.

Overall, we here at BoLS enjoyed Burning of Prospero as an actual board game. I’m looking forward to trying out the Contemptor in a scenario now! I know many folks are looking to pick-up a box or two just for the miniatures and I can see why. But I’d also recommend giving the actual game a shot. It’s quick and dirty fight – which fits perfectly in the Grim-Dark! Now we just need some rules to be able to combine all the board games into one massive slugfest…I’m kidding. Mostly. Okay, that actually sounds kind of awesome.


The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero $150


The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero is a game of running battles set in a city torn apart by a fiery cataclysm, featuring six scenarios designed to stretch the strategic nous of two players. One player controls the Space Marines of the Thousand Sons, reality-twisting psychic superhumans, and one controls the Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence and Custodian Guard. It’s a fast-paced game full of strategic decisions, with the strengths and weaknesses of both sides meaning tactics and foresight are just as important as lucky dice rolls.


Burning of Prospero hits stores this weekend. Which side are you going to fight for?

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