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Genestealer Cults: Tips & Tactics

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Oct 17


Looking for a great place to start building your new Genestealer Cults army? We have your questions answered!

Today we dive between the covers of the new Genestealer Cults Codex and review many of the new rules, gear, and formations inside!

Key Tips For Using this Book:

  • Brush up on the Infilitrate & Scout Rules -You’ll need them!
  • Also review the rules for coming in from reserves as well, and cross reference them with the Cult Ambush rule to maximize your efforts.
  • Pay careful attention on how to start, and maintain your Cult Ambush Cycle.
  • Most units can get +1WS and +1S from a variety of abilities. Do not forget to use it. Hitting and wounding on 3+ for the most part is a very power mechanic that may mean the difference in life and death of your paper thin cult units.
  • Genestealers can not be joined by any unit sans the patriarch
  • Zealot is a fantastic ability to get for this army. Get it as much as you can to make your assaults count!


The Warlord Traits Table is actually really exciting. There are ways to reroll with the detachment so you have a one in three chance of getting the Ambush Leader trait which everyone is going to want. It will allow you to dictate the terms of battle for your Warlord and his unit.


The Wargear of the Cults is pretty wide open and varied and there is a lot of new stuff in here. The Heavy Rock Saw will make a mockery of anything it touches and there are squads that can take four of them.

For the Rockgrinder the Clearance Incinerator is basically a Heavy flamer but it’s Torrent, and it’s dozer it s a throwback to the old days of Ork Battlewagons with the good Deff Rolla.


With Numbers Beyond Counting is a special rule that will allow you to add D6 models to a unit that has just come back in from ongoing reserves from using your Disappearing to Shadows special ability. There is so much going on with the book, we devote nearly a full hour to breaking it down on camera.



Codex: Genestealer Cults: $50.00

~Head over to Games Workshop and grab your copy of the Genestealer Cults Codex today! Also hit that Subscribe button on the Tips & Tactics video for more great hobby content.

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