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GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED

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Oct 24 2016


Fasten your seatbelts – because heroes from the 8 Realms, terrain and some Horus Heresy are headed your way this weekend.

It’s time for a quick return to the Age of Sigmar (and a little Grimdark mixed in) Here’s the latest word:

Industry professionals say:

Age of Sigmar Clampack Heroes

These six are the heroes that shipped with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, now available as stand alone models.

Darkoath Chieftan $25

Doomseeker Fyreslayer $25

Excelsior Warpriest $25

Stormcast Knight Questor $25


Mistweaver Saih $25

Tenebrael Shard $25

60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG18 60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG17 60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG16 60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG15 60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG14 60010799002_WHQSilverTowerENG13



Age of Sigmar Khorne Dominion Battle Mat $85




Horus Heresy: Wolf King $24

The Space Wolves were set upon by the forces of the Alpha Legion before they had even recovered from the Razing of Prospero – hounded to the edge of the Alaxxes Nebula, in desperation Leman Russ called out to his primarch brothers for aid. None came. Now, with their fleet stranded and supplies dwindling, the warriors of the Rout face almost certain death amidst the rust-red clouds of the nebula. But what a glorious end it shall be, worthy of the sagas of old, and Alpharius’s sons will soon learn that a cornered wolf is always the most deadly.

Written by Chris Wraight

~ For the Wolftime!


Author: Larry Vela
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