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40K: Top 5 Characters That Need Rules

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Nov 23 2016


Warhammer 40,000 has a huge backlog of characters that need rules – here’s our list of the Top 5!

The Universe of Warhammer 40,000 is a vast and deep ocean of characters – heroes and villains alike – that need to be brought to the table top. After much debate at the BoLS HQ we sifted down to the Top 5 characters from the Lore we think need to make a comeback/appearance with rules. Some of these folks had rules. Some had models. But we’d love to see them on the tabletop! Here they are in no particular order:

Lord Commander Solar Mecharius


After a recent appearance on the Made-to-Order list we were hoping one of the greatest Imperial Generals of All-Time would get a rules update to go along with his return. Now, we aren’t suggesting that he’s been replaced but Lord Castellan Creed is basically Mecharius-lite. If you’re desperate to field him we’d suggest subbing in Creed’s rules for now.

Anghkor Prok


“Anghkor Prok was a legendary Kroot leader and is considered one of the greatest Kroot to have ever lived. He was one of the key Kroot leaders during the War of the Place of Union and convinced the Tau to aid him in the liberation of the Kroot homeworld of Pech. After the campaign, Prok went to Pech’s sacred oathstone and pledged the allegiance of his warriors to fight for the Greater Good (and regular payment)”

If you know where to look (ie google Anghkor Prok) you’ll quickly come across some possible rules for Mr. Prok. Now, they may be a little dated but they will give you a rough idea of what he’s capable of. He was never game breaking but he was a cool leader of the Kroot and who wouldn’t love to see more Kroot action on the tabletop? #Prok4Prez




“Orkimedes is one of the most infamous OrkMek Boyz. Acting as the personal Mek Boy of the even more infamous WarbossGhazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Orkimedes is perhaps most famous for his tellyporta technology which was used to devastating effect by Ork forces during the Third War for Armageddon.

Orkimedes is a mysterious figure in Ghazghkull’s army, so much so that his exact existence has never been verified. Instead, the Imperium has only encountered his handiwork on Armageddon such as up-gunned Gargants and submarines. Currently, he is one of the most actively sought-out targets by the Officio Assassinorum.”

Orkimedes is the most famous Ork Mek Boy to ever live. He has also never had a model which is a crying shame! He’s a genius inventor and he’s responsible for countless deaths, destruction and lots of dakka related injuries. Why? Because he’s the crazy mad scientist behind Ghazghkull’s engine of war! Without him the Third War for Armageddon would have looked a lot dangerous. It’s about time we get to play out his orky ingenuity on the tabletop, too!



“Kheradruakh, the Decapitator is a Mandrake champion, and master assassain. Very little is known about him as he, like all Mandrakes, is incredibly elusive, living on the fringes of Commorragh. It is said that his lair is lined with thousands of skulls garnered from his many victims. None know his real name, but his weapon of choice and his killer’s call sign have earned him the nickname Kheradruakh, or “He Who Hunts Heads”.

Like other Mandrakes, he is entirely carnivorous, delights in the taste of living flesh, and has no qualms about eating other Eldar. Also like other mandrakes, he lives without any semblance of societal laws or restrictions. As such, the only currency he can be paid with is lives, many times earning literally thousands of slaves as payment to take a single head of his client’s choosing.

As like other mandrakes he has shadow-skin, which combined with his exceptional skills of stealth, makes him virtually invisible. Entirely unique to Decapitator, however, is the fact that he has had two additional fully-functioning arms grafted onto his body by the Haemonculi of Commorragh. This provides him with an uncanny strength and ability in melee combat which few are capable of matching.”


The Decapitator never had a model. But he needs one because I want to see a Mandrake version of Grro from Mortal Kombat on the tabletop.


You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be cool! Considering what Mandrakes are now vs when they were first introduced it could end up being an amazing model. I just hope they get the rules right…

Doom of Malan’tai


“The Doom of Malan’tai is a uniquely adapted Tyranid Zoanthrope that has the ability to feed not upon flesh and blood but upon the psychic energy and souls of its victims. It has a large, spine-like growth emerging from its back and extending over its skull to resemble a hood, and also several rib-like claws protruding from its flanks. These alterations crackle with psychic energy and serve to focus its psychic powers so it can absorb the life-energy of all those around it.”

Yes – the Doom of Malan’tai needs to make a comeback. The baddest Zoanthrope in the galaxy deserves a spot on the tabletop. Did the original Doom cause a lot of groaning and moaning on the competitive scene? Absolutely! But in today’s meta, I don’t even think the old version would that out of place with all the other stuff on the board. Besides, this lone Zoanthrope destroyed an entire Craftworld! That alone is good enough reason in my book.

That’s our Top 5 but we gotta have a bonus round, right? Well seeing as how Dark Eldar Players don’t seem to get enough love around here I figured I throw them an extra this time…Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

Bonus: Kruellagh the Vile


Eat your heart out Lelith Hesperax – it’s the Archon of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull here to take your crown! Packing the Soul Flayer – palm mounted pain-tubes – she can drain the life from a target than you can figure out if her pun-infused name is funny or not. Still not sure? Too late, you’re dead! She’s been MIA since the 3rd Edition codex so it’s high time she got some rules for the tabletop.



What character from the lore would you love to have rules for?

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