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40K: The 5 WORST Codexes – RELOADED

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Dec 24 2016


One year ago we picked the 5 worst codexes in the game. Where are we now?

A year ago, we sat down with Goatboy and came up with our list of the 5 worst codexes. Note: that we were talking about JUST the codexes, without any supplemental/campaign/digital add-ons of any kind. But things are different now. We’ve gotten an official FAQ and some of the new supplements DO actually overwrite their “parent” codexes.

Today we are looking back at the losers from last year to see where they are now.

The Old 2015 List:

5: Dark Eldar

4: Tyrands

3: Blood Angels

2: Orks

1: Chaos Marines



Where are they now…


Dark Eldar codex5. Dark Eldar

This book is a STILL a wet paper sack of an army.  Just weak in general and every army has a method to hurt them – whether it is ignore cover, high rate of fire, or just better everything.  They work as an ally because you use their Deep Strike to cheat around with Eldar.  These guys need a reboot fast – they are in a bad way with the clock ticking down to a new edition

Tyranids4. Tyranids

Completely overshadowed by their subversive Genestealer Cult comrades in arms, the Hive Fleets are still a JV codex. While the supplements DO help and the FAQ did clean-up a ton of things, this codex still falls in the “hot mess” category. The ‘Nids got a bunch of cool new kits with rules and formations – but everything is so scattered around only the power of the Hive Mind can keep it all straight. Fingers Crossed for a new codex in 2017 with a consolidation of all their wacky rules, points adjustments, and maybe a “Decurion” style detachment, too.

Blood Angels Codex-cover

3. Blood Angels

Angels Blade has breathed new life into the Sons of Baal. They got a “Decurion” detachment, parity on vehicles and a lot of their formerly over-costed infantry units have been brought into line with other marines. Their Scouts got the tweaks they deserved, too! They also got the entire Death Company detachment to provide an alternative playstyle. Overall, the Blood Angels are on the mend.


2. Ork Codex

Poor Orks. The Greenskins are STILL hurting – 2016 offered no major changes for the followers of Gork-n-Mork. Boyz still cost too much, the Gork/Morka-naught isn’t comparable to it’s counter parts, and frankly they just feel left behind at the kids table. We’re really hoping they get some love in 2017 because WAAAGH! Ghazghkull ain’t cutting it.

Codex chaos space marines

1: Chaos Space Marine Codex

From the bottom, not quite to the top. It’s been a fantastic year for CSMs. Plastic Primarchs, Wrath of Magnus, and Traitor Legions have pulled the sleepy CSM codex of the shelves and onto the talbetop with a slew of new competitive legion builds. Look out Loyalists, the CSMs are back with a vengeance.
What do you think of these former losers of 2015 – Did 2016 help them out or are they still an afterthought?

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