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40K Fall of Cadia: GW Spills More Beans

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Dec 20 2016


There’s another round of images and info on the 40K campaign book headed your way just after the New Year.

images via GW (Twitch)

GW Eddie and the Gang spilled a lot of beans on the upcoming “Fall of Cadia” campaign book headed your way the first week in January.  Here’s what they had to say and show:

fallofcadia-001 fallofcadia-002

Here’s the Dynamic Duo showing off the back of the book and the rules page of one of the new characters, the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Belisarius Cawl.  Note the hand covering the page with the Canticles rules… sneaky!

Fall of Cadia Basics:

  • 13th Black Crusade confirmed – led by the Warmaster, Abaddon.
  • The book features three new plastic characters, whose minis have been revealed today.
  • This book kicks of a grand story-ark that will continue into 2018.
  • Book focusses on the full weight of the Chaos forces assaulting Cadia.





Celestine and an army of Seraphim (top left) dive into the Chaos fray to aid beleaguered Cadians.


Next some art from the book, which ties directly in with the theme mentioned today by GW of Saint Celestine leading a host of Black Templars and Sisters into the Caidan Gate to stick a big Imperial boot right in Chaos’ butt!

Next we see some of the other angles of the big three character minis in the campaign book:


Inqusitor Greyfax – side angle.


belisarius-cawl-back belisarius-cawl-side

The ancient Ad-Mech Magos Belisarius Cawl. He was described as being T6, W5 and has a 10,000 year old secret project I have a feeling will be revealed in the book.


Saint Celestine, from the back.  Just a stunning model! 

~More as it comes in!


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