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40K: Sisters of Battle Made To Order

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Dec 7 2016


Games Workshop teases the next batch of Made to Order models. The Sisters are returning in force!

Good news for everyone looking forward to Imperial Agents – and specifically anyone who’s been looking for some of those rare out of production Sisters of Battle models. Games Workshop has a teaser image of what’s going to be available the weekend of December 10th.

via Games Workshop Salisbury


December 10th sees the next Made to Order batch!
We have
Inquisitor with Power Sword
Inquisitor with Plasma Pistol
Daemon host 2
Seraphim Battlesister
Assassin with Combi-Weapon (last available with old Skulls Promo!)
Confessor Kyrinov
Missionary with Plasma Gun
Preacher with Sword
Preacher with Laspistol

Sensing an Imperial Agents Theme!

Available to Order for 1 Week only!



Maybe this is a hint at what’s coming in the Imperial Agents book. These models totally fit with the description of that book we saw earlier. If you’ve been a loyal Sisters of Battle player this might be a good chance to pick-up a few extra Canoness miniatures or a few more Imperial Priests.

Just remember Made to Order can have some strange shipping dates – mostly because of that 30 day lead time. If you are planning on ordering any of these models just be prepared to be patient.


Which of model of this Made to Order Batch is your favorite?

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