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Deep Thought: How Much Should A Wargame Cost?

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Dec 19 2016



It’s holiday time, so kick back with your fellow BoLS gamers, and talk about our favorite pastime.  Come on in!

As we approach Christmas and everyone is running around frantically burning up your hard earned dollars, we want to have a change to have the community weigh in on series of fun open questions and see what we all think.

So put on your robe, grab some hot cider and enjoy a gamer conversation with your friends.

Today’s topic is:

pile of money 1280x720

“How Much should a Wargame Cost?”


Todays questions is both simple and complex.  Think about it from the angles of:

  • How much should the initial buy-in cost?
  • How much should it take to build a solid playable army?
  • How much should you need to spend to keep your army up and current each year?

Cost a game too low and you may not be able to present a deep enough game experience…

Cost a game too high and you will lower your potential audience…


Should you include one or two sides?

Should you include terrain?

Here are some Price Points from 5 of the most popular systems out there to get you started:


60010299007_StormofSigmarENG01Storm of Sigmar: $33


X-Wing the Force Awakens Core Set: $39.95


cygnar-battlegroup copy

Cygnar Battlegroup Box $39.99

DarkVengeanceENGDark Vengeance: $110


Operation Icestorm: $109.99


There are quite a few starter sets in the $50-$100 from lots of companies, with only a few outliers on both sides. However, there have been some astounding hits on both sides of the line like Kingdom Death’s Monster at over $300 and X-Wing at $40.  Nice to see GW hitting both the high end with 40K’s $110 Dark Vengeance set that is stuffed to the gills AND the bargain basement $33 Storm of Sigmar.

What do you think is the secret sauce?

~The floor is yours my friends – your turn.


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