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Kingdom Death Limited Holiday Editions

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Dec 27 2016

kingdom monster box top

This year’s holiday limited edition models are still available… snag them while you can!

Holiday White Speaker Nico $35.00

This exclusive version of White Speaker Nico comes with a custom base, art, and a seasonal settlement event that rewards the nice.

The Holiday White Speaker Nico is packaged in a green or white gift box and sealed with a darling bow. Contents include:

  • Hard Plastic – Holiday White Speaker Nico
  • Hard Plastic Kingdom Death 30mm Base
  • 6″x4″ Double Sided Matte Art Print
  • Character Art Card
  • PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster settlement event. A special event that can occur in your settlement.



Xmas Special Pinup Twilight Knight$45.00

Exclusive to the festive season, this special edition hard plastic Xmas Pinup Twilight Knight is dressed for Xmas cheer. It includes a cheeky, timely holiday costume, a unique decorative base insert, a handsomely wrapped gift, and a festive axe (the Xmaxe!!).

For extra holiday cheer this item also includes an Xmaxe promo gear card to be used in Kingdom Death: Monster. Spread joy and gore!!




Watcher T-Shirt $25.00

Monster shirt featuring the intricate Watcher crest artwork by Lokman Lam.

  • Two-sided shirt with the Watcher’s Crest on the front and the Monster 1.5 Emblem on the back
  • Warm grey print
  • Unisex fit
  • Tultex Pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton 


  • BL: 12 Days of Christmas Days 1 & 2