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Tabletop Spotlight: A Feast for Odin

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Dec 1 2016


The Tabletop Spotlight is on A Feast for Odin!

Our buddies over at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over A Feast for Odin and I was pleasantly surprised:

The basics of the game are pretty cool – you’re in charge of your Norse village and you have to go trade/hunt/raid/pillage/plunder your way to victory. It’s kind of a worker placement game but there is more to it than that. What I really liked about this game is that there are multiple ways to win. If you’re familiar with game theory or game design then you’ve probably heard of “Dominate¬†Strategies” and how they aren’t good for replay value. This game does a great job of combating that – which means each time you play you might have to modify your style to fit what the other players are doing.


For a game about creating a feast it also plays fairly quick with most games taking about 30 minutes. It’s fun game to play with kids and non-gamer friends, really anyone can get the hang of this one pretty quick. But again, because there are different ways to accumulate points the game has a surprising amount of depth. So if you’re looking for a game that you can play with your family over the holidays then check out A Feast for Odin – in stores now!

A Feast for Odin


Delve into the world of Vikings and dabble in trading, hunting, raiding, pillaging, plundering, and raiding some more. Build houses, explore new worlds, and every round, have a feast in Odin’s name. The large variety of actions and occupations guarantees your Notherners long-lasting fun, with each game creating a new world on your player board!



His name is Odin and he likes to party.

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