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X-Wing: The Bodhi Rook Question

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Dec 22 2016


Ready for an X-Wing Rules Conundrum Aces? I’ve got one for ya…

When I said I was working on a new rebel list with the U-Wing I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been stewing on this one for awhile and I came across an interesting question. How does Bodhi Rook interact with M9-G8 on the table?


Maybe I should back up a bit…Stick with me and I’ll try to explain.

I was trying to figure out a way to really make Bodhi Rook’s pilot ability pay off. An one fairly obvious combo was pairing him with Shara Bey+Weapons Engineer.



This seemed like a pretty straight forward list. Load up a few Z-95’s and you’re off to the races with a ton of target locked shots. No big deal, right? Well then I got to thinking about a relative newcomer to the X-Wing Scene:



Are things getting interesting yet? No? Okay – well notice the last sentence:

“You can acquire target locks on other friendly ships.”

First off – why would you want to do that? Because you can force them to re-roll an attack die…that means they can re-roll blanks. Couple that with Weapons Engineer and you can now lock on to TWO friendly ships, ya dig?

Now, how does Bodhi Rook factor into this? Well – it’s all in the wording. His ability specifically says:

“When a friendly ship acquires a target lock, that ship can lock onto an enemy ship at Range 1-3 of any friendly ship.”

M9-G8 allows you to also target lock on friendly ships – something you normally can’t do anyways. So now the question is can you lock on to Friendly ships anywhere on the board (keep in mind you ARE also in Range 1 of yourself – it’s in the FAQ).


I think there are a couple of ways this can play out and I’m waiting to see if FFG will issue an FAQ update to this but until then it’s fun to think about this one. And for the record the BoLS Crew was pretty split on this one so don’t take our “rulings or interpretations” on this to be law – Fantasy Flight Games is pretty good at answering these questions.

Here’s how this could go:

  • Shara Bey can lock on to 2 Friendly ships anywhere on the board, even outside of her normal target lock range (1-3), because Bodhi Rook is on the table.


  • Bodhi Rook’s ability does not apply to M9-G8 in this case because his ability specifically states “enemy ship” and doesn’t apply.


  • The universe collapses into a causality loop and all existence ceases to be.

It really boils down to “does M9-G8’s ability to allow you to target lock friendly stack with Bodhi Rook’s Pilot ability?” That is the question – What do you think?

Note: I chose the ARC-170 because it has both an Astromech and Crew slot. You could theoretically skip the weapons engineer and just take the crew version of Bodhi and have the same “issue” pop-up:


But then you’d only have 1 Target Lock vs two…



So X-Wing Aces, what say you? How does the M9-G8 interact with Bodhi Rook on the table?

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