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40K: Duncan Teases New Eldar

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Jan 13 2017


GW Painting Rockstar Duncan is back with a new painting tutorial – the kicker is the model isn’t even out yet!

In celebration of Warhammer TV’s 100th episode, Duncan has a very cool miniature to tease. Check it out:


via Warhammer Community

This day in the Gregorian* calendar is traditionally a day of ill omen, dark fate and bad luck. Not for Warhammer TV though, because today is our 100th Tip of the Day painting video! And we have something of a treat for you, as Duncan shows off how to paint a Gyrinx.

We don’t know much about the Gyrinx to be honest. What we do know is that if one crosses your path in a painting video, it counteracts all the bad luck of a Friday the 13th! (You’re welcome.)

It’s a Gyrinx! Which is basically an Eldar Cat – and the internet loves cats!

Gyrinx 1


But some of you may have been thinking, my that is an awfully large base for such a tiny kitty…

Gyrinx 2

Hmm…I wonder what that could be…


Oh and incase you missed the link, this is also the rumor engine teaser from a couple weeks back:


Now I’m starting to wonder if that other rumor engine might be something to do with the Eldar…It’s blue fur afterall, not feathers:



Anyone else notice who was wearing some blue fur?



The Plot Thickens…

Author: Adam Harrison
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