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40K Lore: Biel Tan Craftworld

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Jan 25 2017


Gather fellow loremasters to illuminate the most fiery and aggressive of the Eldar craftworlds. Biel-Tan, home of the Swordwind.

Biel-tan is an Eldar Craftworld, famous for its extreme militarism. The Biel-tan Craftworld is famous for its inhabitants’ militancy; it is home to more Aspect Warriors than any other craftworld.



The Eldar of Biel-tan are honourable warriors who have taken it upon themselves to rebuild the lost glory of the ancient Eldar empire, through the destruction of the lesser races who have “usurped” the galaxy, and believe it is glorious to die fighting the enemies of the Craftworld. At the centre of Biel-tan is the Chamber of Heroes where the spirit stones of dead Aspect Warriors are placed. Farseers often come to this room to consult the dead on courses of action.


As well as their traditional colours of green and white, the forces of Biel-Tan sport patterns of dark thorny ivy.


When the Eldar of Biel-Tan go to war they assemble a warhost known as the Bahzhakhain, which means “Swordwind” or “Tempest of Blades”. The Swordwind’s tactic is a single, swift strike taking the enemy by surprise. This tactic works considerably well with the elite fighting skills of the many Aspect Warriors eliminating the enemy before they can respond. The Biel-Tan therefore make perfect use of the speed and maneuverability of the Wave Serpents and Falcon Grav Tanks.

The main target of the Biel-Tan are non-Eldar colonists, particularly non-Eldar occupying Eldar Maiden Worlds. It is especially galling to the Eldar who created these paradise worlds from dead worlds to find them overrun with inferior species. The Eldar of Biel-tan believe the success of other alien races is a threat to the future progression of the Eldar empire. For this reason, the Biel-Tan particularly hate the Orks, Orks being a completely expansionist race, whose occupation of a world quickly becomes permanent. In many cases, Biel-Tan have helped Imperial forces that were under heavy attack by Orks and to hunt down Ork Roks before the tide of Orks can overrun a planet.


The Exarchs of the Craftworld form a council known as the Court of the Young King, it is from this council that the Craftworld’s Young Kings are chosen.

The Swordwind even possess a vehicle that is unique to Biel-Tan. It is a super heavy grav tank called a Void Spinner, which is armed solely with a huge monofilament cannon that works just like any other monofilament weapon except that it incorporates a techno virus that sterilizes the ground that it touches. This makes it extremely useful against the Orks due to the Ork’s spore-based method of reproduction, preventing further re-infestation.

The symbolic rune of Biel-Tan stands for reincarnation, a fate previously thought reserved for every Eldar before the Fall. The rune roughly translates as Rebirth of Ancient Days, reflecting the intention of the Craftworld to see their former empire restored.


Notable Biel-Tan Eldar

~What are the xenos of this Craftworld up to?



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