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40K Lore: To Kill a Chaos God

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Jan 22 2017


The Eldar are next up in the 40K’s 2017 narrative arc. Here’s what they may have in mind to rock the galaxy to it’s core.


The Harlequins

The Harlequins have always been said to have some sort of ‘trick’ up their sleeves for saving the Eldar race and finally destroying Slaanesh once and for all.

Cegorach, the Laughing God, reportedly is the only intact Eldar god to escape the fall of the Eldar, and has been planning his ‘final act’ since the Fall of the Eldar.

‘On the last day Cegorach will gather all the dead of his peoples and give them to the mustering Lord of the Dead to aid him in combating the Prince of Pleasure so that they may be reborn in a new earthly shell.’ – Attributed to a disguised Cegorach

At the heart of the Black Library lies a crystalline book that is said to contain the words of Cegorach himself.

‘Now long awaited portents have come to pass, and the bands of light around the book have flicked and died, and within the pages are recorded Cegorach’s final jest, a way to trick Slaanesh into expending all her power not to destroy the Eldar, but to save them.’


The Craftworlds

Applying this piece of the puzzle to the Eldar lore, their nascent  God of the Dead, Ynnead, seems to figure into the end game scenario for the Eldar, now partially awoken by Eldrad during the events described in Death Masque at Port Demensus.

Iyanden Craftworld’s Iyanna Arienal, may also have a part in the master plan as well:


‘When Eldrad Ulthran brought warning to Iyanden of the Great Devourer he also told the Iyanden Seer Council that the Eldar races only ultimate hope against Slaanesh lay with Ynnead, the God of Death.

While most of Iyanden’s dismissed Ulthran, Arienal embraced this prophecy and in a brief moment recieved a glorious apotheosis where the spirits of living Eldar would become one with the dead. The resulting psychic backlash would stir Ynnead from his slumber, and at least defeat Slaanesh.’


The Dark Kin

The black hearted denizens of Commorragh too have a reason to rise up with their brothers and strike against Slaanesh. Only the Dark Prince’s destruction will free them of their need for souls to extend their lives.  There are no particular mysteries or prophesies, but the two usual suspects for being able to rally large factions of the Dark Kin to a major effort are Asdrubael Vect with his vast power over the Kabals, or the semi-legenday Arhra who could mobilize the entire Incubi cult to his cause in an an instant. Regardless of thier twisted Culture, they are good in a fight and the Eldar will need every able body they can find to aid them.

It’s clear the Eldar have a plan and we’ll hopefully get to see it in the weeks ahead.

~What do you think GW will be willing to have them pull off in the 2017 Grimdark shakeup?




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