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Gangs of Commorragh: Gameplay Latest

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Jan 19 2017


Here’s the latest intel and rules on the upcoming Dark Eldar boardgame headed your way this weekend!

The game is coming this saturday and quite the deal:




Gangs of Commorragh $60


GW’s designers showed off the game and put it though it’s paces this week. One keen observer was furiously taking notes to pass onto the community:


via B&C’s Halandaar 1-19-2017

  • Price confirmed at £35
  • It’s a completely new ruleset
  • “Hunter” and “Quarry” markers.
  • It has a dogfighting aspect; you want to get on the tail of other models. If you can get behind and stay behind them, you get a big bonus to shooting at them
  • Player 1 moves one model, then Player 2 moves one, then Player 1 moves one etc
  • Each model can make a maneuver in its movement phase “barrel rolls, evasive maneuver” etc
  • Hellions have unique maneuver that allows them to hook on to scenery as they pass to make sharper turns
  • Game doesn’t have a limit of players, but they’ve only done internal games up to 4 at a time. They mentioned that 3 gangs focussed on one (who was leading the campaign) to take them down a notch!
  • You have a “pool” type gang, and you can choose how many to field in each game, dividing your gang into “Hellpacks”.
  • Amount you field obviously influences your likelihood of victory
  • It’s designed with campaign play in mind
  • You have a pool of currency (souls) which you have to buy your guys, and which you gain from the outcome of games. You have to use a portion of your currency after each game to maintain (“feed”) your gang, and you can use the rest to buy upgrades (faster skyboards) or new equipment.
  • You can mix and match Reavers and Hellions in your gang, but they don’t work well together (I missed whether or not you can actually field Hellions and Reavers at the same time with penalties), on the lore basis that Hellions and Reavers don’t get on at all.
  • Each model has 4 levels of experience: Freshmeat, Experienced, Killer, Helliarch/Arena Champion. Not many make it to level 4!
  • Models defeated in play don’t necessarily die, but some will!
  • One upgrade mentioned is additional vanes on a Jetbike that allows the rider more control over their bike (sharper turns etc)
  • There’s no upper limit to the amount of members you can have in a gang, but minimum 3 max 10 models in a murderpack (game), except….
  • A particular scenario called Sky War, where both players bring everything they have and just square off



This sounds like a combination of the dogfighting we’ve seen from GW in the Stormcloud Attack Series with Necromunda, all set in the Dark City.

We’ve already mentioned the game is an absolute steal just for the minis which are roughly 60% off!

It’s got hints of everything that made Necromunda great: gangs, improving characters, the chance of permanent death, lots of upgrades.

I like the use of currency to both maintain your gang (probably a restraint on overly large gangs), and upgrades for your gang-members.

I also like the fluff to rules mechanics like the 2 main factions, Hellions an Reavers dislike each others so min-maxinging between both types for maximum advantage has downsides.







Author: Larry Vela
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