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HALO GC: New Blisters Now Shipping

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Jan 11 2017


New units for UNSC and Covenant are now available!

Spartan Games has announced that they are now shipping their new Halo: Ground Command blister packs. Take a look…

UNSC Recon Team
All UNSC snipers receive similar training and equipment, but their method of employment varies by service and unit. Army snipers are arranged into specialized reconnaissance units at the battalion level, and are scouts and forward observers first, snipers second.

A blister contains one Recon Unit – 2 x Elements of Recon with DMRs and 2 x Sniper/Spotter Elements.


Jackal Assault – Shock Troops Unit
The Jackal Assault units are tough to dislodge from a location if they can position themselves to make use of Shield Wall. They can also shield Grunts and other infantry by advancing in the front lines, then adjust position to allow clear lanes of advance and fire.

A blister contains a complete unit of 4 x Elements.



Jackal Marksmen – Scout Executors Unit
Jackal Marksmen are mid-range snipers armed with anti-infantry Needle Rifles. They are best kept in cover, but advancing with the rest of their War Host in order to cover them with shots at Long range. These units are also quite efficient at removing heroes and commanders with Aimed Shot, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive with their placement if it means getting a bead on high-value targets!

A blister contains a complete unit of 4 x Elements.


Elite Major – Warhost Obedientiary
Unlike the UNSC, who expect officers to take on a more dispassionate role on the battlefield, Covenant field commanders close with and engage the enemy alongside the troops; an approach to warfare that is reflected in Majors possessing high firepower and deadly close combat capabilities in comparison to human command units. The Covenant leadership style is stark in its simplicity, but undeniably effective on the battlefield.

A blister contains 1 x Element of Officer and Elite Minor, 1 x Element of Zealot and Elite Minor and 2 x ‘open’ weapon storage containers.

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