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Mantic: Price Changes are Coming

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Jan 29 2017


Plus a look at what’s coming in in the next few months!

Mantic head honcho, Ronnie Renton, shares an update on shipping prices and some details on the new releases coming up…

This month we have seen the first wave releases for The Walking Dead: All Out War(TWD:AOW for short!!), and the hype surrounding this amazing game continues to grow. We are already placing our second print run – after just five weeks on sale – and it is already our top selling game of all time.

Before moving on, let’s get some bad news out of the way. Last year we had some price rises on the plastic regiment sets, but we kept the army prices as they were to allow the maximum number of people to give Kings of War a go. Then Brexit happened and totally killed us on price! As mentioned in my previous blog last year, this means the army sets, the prices for shipping and Dungeon Saga, plus a few other lines, will be going up in price from February 1st.

I hate having to do this, but sometimes the world conspires against us, and we have to keep the lights on. For the shipping in particular we’ve kept it low for a very long time but eventually we’ve just had to increase the charges in line with our costs. However, in typical Mantic fashion we have lowered a few prices too – we cannot let the bank manager win out on every front – and we’ll be adding courier options to the shipping so you can track your packages!

In fact, this weekend you can still pick up a Kings of War starter army for £49.99 before they go up to £59.99 and I’m delighted to say that with the third re-print of Dungeon Saga on the way next month, until February 1st you can pre-order Dungeon Saga for £49.99 (before it increases to £59.99 as well. The US and Euro price will remain the same, by the way)! Get them while you can!

Ok, with that out the way, let’s focus on the good stuff…


Feb has more Walking Dead, including the awesome Rick on a Horse and we have the Trident Realms army – who said a Fishman army would never happen?! Watch out on the blog as we feature the army and tactical tips. The Trident Realms of Neritica releases are coming out alongside the Clash of Kings Tournament book – with a how-to guide for running your own tournaments, lots of new scenarios, and a few new magic items and other clever trickery to keep your games of KoW fun and fresh.



March is possibly even sexier than Feb! For starters, we will have a very special limited edition resin gaming piece featuring Negan in close discussion with a few of Rick’s gang – and for some reason Rick’s team all seem to be on their knees. I have no idea why, but Glenn has two different heads, something about ‘before’ and ‘after’. What that can be all about? Absolutely no clue.

It may not look like much now but soon it’ll be full of awesome, highly detailed resin miniatures.

This will be among the first releases from our new in-house resin production unit, alongside some of the Trident Realms miniatures. That’s right everyone, we’re opening a brand new resin department, which will allow us to create some amazing miniatures… and perhaps some that aren’t so miniature. Good news for those who like BIG Kings of War units. Stay tuned!

More News Here – Including Plans for a KoW Skirmish Game!

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