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Review: Forgotten Realm Mat

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Jan 1 2017



Pimpcron reviews this gorgeous game mat. Take a Look!

Hey, hey folks! I’m back with a review for the Forgotten Realm game mat from

First off I assume you’ll ask, “Hey Pimpcron, what is the quality of mats?”

These mats are exactly the same quality and detail as you’d expect from a gaming mat in this day and age. They are made of the standard mouse pad material and come with a handy carrying case. All of that is great, but pretty standard and exactly what you expect. It’s waterproof, rolls up easily, lays flat without any creases or weird corners, and provides cushion for falling models, and models slide easily on it. It has some weight to it so it doesn’t wrinkle.

Now that we have that out of the way …


This Mat is Absolutely Gorgeous.

This may be my very favorite mat I’ve ever seen. From afar you might ask what is there to see on a mat with some grass, and a cobblestone road.

Well, I recently played a game of Age of Sigmar with my friend Justin again, and I took pictures of the set up. The giant gray and white stone looking buildings are buildings that offers and they are really nice. He fell in love with this mat and is going to buy his own Forgotten Realm battle mat from them as well.


We were playing a small 1000-point game so we were only using a 4×4 area, thus the left side is not “terrained”.

What I love so much about this mat is the detail they have put into it. For instance, there are multiple places that either feature ruts in the road from wagon wheels, or places where the road surface has broken up.


Do you see the ruts made from wagon wheels?


Photo-realistic wear on the road. Too cool.

And if you get as excited as I do about small details, you’ll enjoy the patches worn in the grass as well! [nerd giggle]


Minor details are king on these mats. It’s not just a copy and paste texture.


I’ve never been so excited about a mud puddle in my life!

I honestly have a hard time rating a product like this on a number scale, because the quality and durability of the mat is great. But I can’t imagine how you could make a mat better than it already is, quality-wise. So every mat would get a 5/5. But what I can tell you is that these mats are a great deal for their price, and has a bunch of different styles to choose from.


This mat makes an awesome town center. I had to stop myself from throwing more and more terrain on it.

So it really comes down to preference. I really like this mat and it works great for a Free People Realm in AoS or literally any fantasy game. I fell in love with the colors and the tiny details put into this mat. All of their mats have the same attention to detail. So if this one doesn’t strike you design-wise, then go check their others; I’m sure you’ll find one that you like. And for the price, you just can’t beat it.


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