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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: Jan 31st

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Jan 31 2017


Massive bosses, warring kingdoms, and magical champions- Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding highlights!

Delve by Indie Boards and Cards


Let’s start this week’s Kickstarter highlights off with Delve, the latest game to be published by the combined efforts of Indie Boards and Cards & Action Phase Games. Delve is a tile placement dungeon crawling board game for up to 4 players. Each player guides their band of adventurers through a labyrinthine dungeon full of monsters and traps as they compete to escape with the most loot. Players can stick together to increase their odds of survival at the expense of extra loot, or forge ahead alone to face greater risks and rewards. Pledges start at $38 for the base game, or $45 for some extra promos and the expansion.

OrcQuest by Maze Games


In OrcQuest, 2 or more players fight to be the richest orc by slaughtering enemies and sabotaging each other’s efforts with dirty tricks. Each of the playable orcs has a unique special ability to give them an edge over the competition. Each turn, players will have a chance to fight enemies or avoid traps for a chance to gain treasure. Rival orcs can screw with each other via the use of magic trinkets and cheap shots delivered at inopportune moments. The core game will cost you €25/$27, with a €50/$53 bundle available that includes a playmat.

Reign by Garage Games Australia


Continuing the theme of backstabbing and cheap tricks, Reign is a card game of diplomacy and deception for up to 7 players. The king is dead, leaving the kingdom of Kazath in turmoil as the various royal houses fight over who can take the crown. Each player must forge temporary alliances, raise armies, gain favor with the royal houses, and ultimately plot the downfall of their rivals to become the new heir. You can get your copy for AU$25/$19.

Judgement by Gunmeister Games


A group of Australian Warmachine players are attempting to break into the industry with Judgement, a 54mm skirmish miniatures game inspired by the MOBA genre. Two players build a team of 3-5 champions and engage in arena combat to harvest the souls they need to fuel their immense power. Over the course of a match, heroes will level up and can spend Fate gained in battle to purchase items. Other MOBA mechanics include neutral creep camps and a pre-game ban and drafting phase. This first wave includes 10 heroes, and you can get them all with tokens, custom Judgement dice, and stat cards for AU$425/$322. If that’s too much for you, each hero costs around $35 individually.


Land of Zion by Sky Kingdom Games


Land of Zion is an expandable card game for up to 8 players that mixes elements of tactical positioning, resource management, and drafting. Each player starts with a band of adventurers that they will move around a large grid-based board. Players draw resource cards each turn to spend casting the various abilities their characters possess as they try to take out all opposing enemies. The basic version of the game costs $49 and includes free shipping to the US.

Fortresses & Clans by The Red Joker


In Fortresses & Clans, 2 players take on the role of warring clans besieging each other’s fortress. Each player has a unique clan leader, as well as underlings that they hire to relay their orders to their vast army of soldiers and war machines. The goal is to be the first to destroy your enemy’s walls and capture their keep. A copy of the core game costs €23/$24, with a deluxe version available for €33/$35.

Wrathborne Champions by Randover Games


Wrathborne Champions is a cooperative card combat game where up to 6 players band together to defeat massive bosses. Each boss is divided into 9 segments that must be strategically destroyed to win the battle. Players construct a deck of cards by choosing their class, weapons, items, and special abilities. These decks are also the player’s life total, and cards are discarded as the players take damage. Healing spells work in reverse, allowing players to replenish their deck with cards from their discard pile. Pledges start at $50 for the core game and a print and play file set.

Heroes of Land, Sea, & Air by Gamelyn Games



Finally we come to Heroes of Land, Sea, & Air, a massive 4X board game from the company that brought you the Tiny Epic line of micro games. Each player chooses one of 4 races (8 with the expansions) and builds an empire by exploring the map, expanding their territory, exploiting natural resources, and exterminating all who oppose them. Your armies consist of three hero units, warriors that can capture and hold territory, and peons that are used to gather resources. Most of the pieces are represented by plastic miniatures, with ships and structures consisting of laser-cut multi-part constructs. The campaign features several pledges depending on if you want your miniatures pre-painted or bare plastic, and even a barebones $110 version that doesn’t include miniatures at all.


~Which of these campaigns are you interested in?

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