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40K: GW Teases Next Daemon Primarch

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Feb 12 2017
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There’s something very interesting in Fracturing of Biel-Tan. Take a look and decide for yourself.

This image is from Fracturing of Biel-Tan. It is one of the numerous “fluff asides” that set the mood for the narrative.  It tells the tale of the rising incursions of Slaaneshi incursions and their destruction of the world Extremis Six.  Note the bit at the end…




“The alleged sighting of a gigantic, serpent bodied +++REDACTED+++ slaughtering everything the Astra Militarum could send against it…”

Hmmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Roboute Guilliman’s Arch-Nemesis is about to return!



Fulgrim may be back in action! Here’s the story on what Fulgrim has been up to post Heresy:

Fulgrim Post Heresy

When Horus was defeated by the Emperor, the Emperor’s Children left a trail of depopulated worlds in their wake as they fled towards the Eye of Terror. As their supply of slaves was exhausted, they resorted to raiding the other Traitor Legions for fresh meat, and in the end were crushed by their angry brethren in a series of bloody wars. Finally, the Emperor’s Children were shattered into bands of hedonistic fanatics. Warbands of the Emperor’s Children are thankfully rare, for there is no fate worse than falling prisoner to them.

As to Fulgrim, he was gifted by Slaanesh with a hidden world of unlimited pleasure for him to rule. To this day, warbands of Emperor’s Children, other Slaanesh-worshiping Chaos Space Marines and Cultists, and the Imperial Inquisition seek this world, but none have returned. Fulgrim himself was last seen in combat with Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the Ultramarines, where he slashed his brother’s throat and laid him low with a fatal poison.


~We just got Roboute back; GW may be setting up an epic 40K rematch of the two.

Author: Larry Vela
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