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Fritz’s Tabletop: Warhammer 40K Next Steps?

2 Minute Read
Feb 12 2017



So you have had your first taste of Warhammer 40K, played a few games and are ready for the next steps!

So you have had your first taste of Warhammer 40K glory and have a few games under your belt. You know the rules, have some fundamental tactics, and are ready to take that next step…

…but what is that next step?

In this week’s tabletop post we are going to look at adding some new units to you list, along with how to scale your army up in points.

What units do you add next, even if everything is working out in your list? Let’s take a look at some common markers to help decide what models you should add next.



Scaling your army is important- so it works at any point level, and is not tactically dependent on a certain point bracket to work.

And finally, to take another look at the assault, and how to build an army around your favorite phase of the game.



Hail Horus!


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