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Adepticon 2017: Win Eldar… for Charity!

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Mar 19 2017

Pick up a chance to win a beautiful Saim Hann army at this year’s Adepticon Charity Raffle…

Hello BoLS! I am back with this year’s Adepticon charity raffle army, and this time it is Saim Hann. If you will be at Adepticon next week, be sure to pick up some raffle tickets to try and win. For two good causes – Disabled American Veterans, and the W.D Boyce Boyscout Council. Last year the army raised into the five digits and hopefully we can do that again.
As for Adepticon itself, I hope to post something when I get there with more information, but for now I will be in booth 57 in the vendor hall all weekend, so by all means stop by and say hello! Plans for the booth are pretty fun, with a little reunion tour of a few of the big displays and a couple other things.  Until then, safe travels to all of you going, looking forward to another fun weekend.
You know, Saim Hann is one of a couple armies that after all these years I somehow have never had a chance to paint.  So I was looking forward to it, and had a little fun.  Some people do not like weathered Eldar, with the mindset they should be clean and well taken care of.  I understand that completely.  For me, I wanted to try the gritty weathering and chipping on them, for a more cinematic look, for lack of a better term.  Also, while doing the weathering I went for an emphasis on “speed.”  The marks double as going in the direction of a rock or bullet hitting as the model skims by, and also as sort of a motion line to give visual reference to how fast the things are.  Personally I really like how they came out.  If you agree, go buy tickets and win!

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Author: Brandon Palmer
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