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AoS: New Starter Box “Thunder & Blood”

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Mar 15 2017


There’s a new Age of Sigmar starter box coming – hot off the GAMA trade show floor. Take a look at “Blood & Thunder”

Here’s the new starter box front & back:


Here’s GW’s Andy Smilie talking about the new starter kit with DiceTower. (GW starts at 40:30)

  • The new kit includes “press fit” minis for both Stormcast Eternal and Khorne factions.
  • The sprues are color cast in red and gold to get you into the game as fast as possible. You can paint them up later.
  • These sprues look either identical or very similar to the sprues from the original Age of Sigmar boxed set.
  • The set comes with a double sided vinyl mat that is photographed from the Age of Sigmar Realm of Battle boards.
  • The Box bottom itself can be blipped over and be used as building for some basic terrain.
  • No word on prices from GW yet.

Here’s some shots of the red and gold sprues:


Here’s the matt and the box/terrain:

~More on this product as it come’s in!

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