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April White Dwarf Leaked

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Mar 26 2017

Seems like next month’s White Dwarf has made its way onto the internet…

Spotted over at Miniwars, a few images from next month’s issue of White Dwarf. In it, details about the terrain and the upcoming Battletome for Khorne. Take a look below:

via Miniwars

I feel like the Ferratonic Furnace, Galvanic Magnavent are just as likely to be found in 40K as AoS…

Unable to hear skyhook without having visions of Columbia and Bioshock Infinite…


Oh hey it’s that thing Syd made in Toy Story…

Apparently these guys organize themselves into guilds, including the Nav-League and…the End. Ominous.

Anyway, you can check out the rest of the images here.

Looks like Magnus tried to warn the Emperor again…


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