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Dark Eldar & Tau: Shadow War Armageddon Rules

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Mar 30 2017

The Dark Kin & Greater Good are coming to Shadow Wars Armageddon in style. Take a look:

Dark Eldar Kill Teams

images via La Voz De Horus 3-30-2017

Here we see some of the Dark Eldar Wych Cult Kill Team members.  Yay, combat drugs make a return!

Next up, the Wych Cult weapons.  All the standard gladitorial fare is here, alongside the splinter family.

Tau Kill Teams

images via Miniwars 3-30-2017


Here we see some of the Tau Pathfinder Kill Team members.  Interesting use for Supporting Fire to make up the dreadful WS:2.  If only the Pathfinders could make up for it somehow…

Next up, the Tau weapons.  I think the S:5 Pulse family should do a great job of keeping opponent’s heads down (or blown clean off).

Previous Stats

We have already seen some other stats at GAMA including these:



Genestealer Cult standard gang members.


I can hardly wait for this game. It should be hitting the shelves very shortly.


If you buy 20 copies of the game you can build this. It is cool.


~It sounds like all the other 40K factions are coming along any day now…



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