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Geekery: Infinity War is in Production

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Mar 14 2017

Marvel gives us a preview including awesome new concept art.

Production went into full swing back in January with Joe and Anthony Russo at the helm.


The movie brings nearly the entirety of the MCU together in one place, which has produced some sweet concept art.

Looks like Tony Stark will be hard at work…

I realize that Thanos is a digital scan of Josh Brolin, but this art looks a lot like Glen Fleshler.


The casting announcements aren’t done, yet. What we do know ir that Avengers will be joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel in her big screen debut. There will be plenty more news as filming progresses. RDJ has posted a live video from the set, already.

Infinity War opens in theaters May 2018.

Author: Mars Garrett
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