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GW Shadespire: Seminar Rundown

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Mar 23 2017

GW had a LOT to say at their Adepticon Product Seminar about Shadespire rules. Let’s get started gamers:

Here’s the rundown from our reporter in the room:


Seminar was given by Andy Smilie & Pete Foley

Here’s the rundown on what was shown and discussed for the future of the game:




New push-fit models for Shadespire

Game is a custom-deck arena warband game with minis.

Build a warband using your deck, fight on the board using the minis and cards.

There are both cards in your hand, and objective cards.

Board has variable setup options.

Set in the Mortal Realms.

Warbands have been trapped in the “Mirror Realms” forcing them to fight for eternity.


More Warbands are coming, ships initially with Stormcasts & Bloodbound.

Designed to support comprehensive competitive organized play.

Heroes will get AoS warscrolls, might transfer to Warhammer Quest.

Designed for extremely fast play. A set of “best out of 3” games takes 40 minutes.

NOT a CCG, cards are set in each box.

It’s a CORE STUDIO game, not a Specialist Game.

Spent 1 year in development.

~ More as we get it.


  • BREAKING: Female Stormcast Eternal Mini!