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D&D: The First Steps into the Sunless Citadel

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Mar 16 2017

Another Tales from the Yawning Portal preview from Wizards of the Coast: the intro to the Sunless Citadel…

TheĀ Sunless Citadel was the first adventure module I went out and bought on my own. And that I read cover to cover and ran straight through, instead of just reading through it and finding what I liked and stealing it. One of the big appeals to it was that it was supposed to be a good guide for newbie DMs–and from the look of things, it’ll still remain that way.

If you have the original module, some of this might look a bit familiar–I had to go dig out my copy to be sure. But there’s a lot of the same stuff here. Read on for a preview…

via Wizards

Here’s the opening crawl, if you will. The Sunless Citadel is not just the titular dungeon, but it’s got a grove and a goblin village–there’s a lot of variety to this adventure. Interestingly enough they also provide a helpful guide for situating the dungeon in whatever campaign world you’re using.


I think it’s a nice touch, and a nod to how the dungeons in Tales from the Yawning Portal are meant to be received. They’re tools for you to drop into your campaign world. They’re the legendary places your characters will hear about in the inn. There’ll be all sorts of ways to pique your party’s interest…

Anyway. There are just a few shots. You can download the first two pages for yourself from the product page, and you find a preview or check out the rundown of the other 6 dungeons that are going to be in the book right here. Again, a lot of this is familiar–but not in a bad way. I’m still eager to see some of the rules and sweet 5th Edition conversions of monsters (especially the early ones from 1st and 2nd edition), but in the meantime, this is a nice appetizer.

Check out Tales from the Yawning Portal

Happy Adventuring!

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