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Shadow War: Armageddon: Ork Stats Unveiled

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Mar 17 2017

The Ork stats have been spotted for Shadow War: Armageddon…along with a Weapon Teaser!

If you needed any more convincing that Shadow War: Armageddon was a re-branding of Necromunda then check out the Ork stats below:

via La Voz De Horus

Movement as a stat is back – but look at the weapon stats in particular:

Choppa: Str +1 DMG 1

Power Klaw: Str +3 DMG: D3 Save -3

Slugga: Short 0-8″ +1 Long 8-16″ -1 Str:4 DMG 1


Now where have we seen stats like that before?

40K: 2nd Edition Rulebook


Will this be a throw-back ruleset to 2nd Edition/Necromunda? Will this ruleset only apply to games of Shadow War? Furthermore, is this the direction we’re going to head for 8th Edition 40k?!

So many questions…Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Shadow War: Armageddon $130



If this is Necromunda with the regular 40k armies…Oh man.

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