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GW: Shadow War Rules Teaser & Pricing

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Mar 16 2017

The first preview of Shadow War: Armageddon unit rules has been spotted & we’ve got a confirmation on the price-point!

The past two days have been packed with awesome news about all things gaming. Games Workshop has had a particularly exciting set of announcements this year. With Shadow War: Armageddon announced, The Kharadron Overlords introduced and Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire teased.

Now we’ve got more hints at the unit profiles we’ll be using for Shadow War – check it out:

via miniwars

So breaking this down we have a “Cost to recruit” point buy system and the same type of stats fans of 40k or Necromunda will recognize. In fact, a key difference is the addition of the Movement stat for these units. Really if you swapped out “points” for credits you’d have a stat block and cost you could easily drop in to a Necromunda game…which based on our initial info shouldn’t be a shock.

Aside from that if we take a look at the Wargear options it looks like each faction will have their own set of items for Hand-to-Hand Weapons, Pistols, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Ammunition, Grenades and Miscellaneous Equipment.

Again – this is all sounding very Necromunda-like (or Second Edition 40k if you prefer).  And looking at the paragraphs on the left, you can start to see a little bit of the rules, possibly pertaining to how many types of Trooper, New Recruit, Leaders, and Specialists you can have in a starting force.


Personally, I’m looking forward to this style of game. I was a big fan of Necromunda and Mordheim. If this gives us a chance to play that type of game with some (or all) of the 40k Armies I’m totally in for that.

Finally, our boots-on-the ground at GAMA are also reporting that the price point for Shadow War: Armageddon will be $130. You can see the contents above and for everything you get in the box that seems spot on. I really want to get my hands on that modular terrain…

Shadow War: Armageddon $130


Shadow War is Coming in April!


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