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Tabletop Spotlight: Salt Lands

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Mar 30 2017

In the Salt Lands, it’s not just about Surviving the wastes – you’ve got to escape with your life…

Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics &¬†Fantasy brought over another cool board game to check out under the Tabletop Spotlight: Salt Lands The Board Game!

This game asks the question, “What if we mixed Water World and Mad Max?” The answer is Salt Lands! The oceans have dried up due to some apocalyptic mishap and the players are stuck in this hellish world. The idea is a classic but the execution is unique. The game is about more than just surviving the wastes, you’re tasked with actually trying to find a way to safety and ultimately a better life. There are rumors of water/settlements/safety just over the horizon and players must search the wastes for clues in order to find this magic place. Unfortunately, they aren’t alone in the Salt Lands – Raiders are everywhere. In fact, they will overwhelm the players if they just try to fight their way out. But that’s the point – you’ve got to mix it up if you want to thrive in the Salt Lands…

The game rules are probably a bit more in depth than they need to be, but that’s just because there are a few different phases and each one has very clear steps. Plus, the Raiders function off of a very basic AI set of rules so they go into detail about those as well. If you want to check out all the rules you can download them for free from their website.

Component wise, everything is good quality. The cards and cardboard have a nice finish and you can tell that the developers didn’t cut corners on material costs. The plastic vehicles are a nice touch. Each character has their own character card and standee to go with them. The game board is made of randomized tiles that interlock – this helps out with the replayabilty as well. And the Wind Tile is pretty cool as it impacts movement as well as dangers like sandstorms.

Overall, Salt Lands the Board Game is a really interesting mix of theme and execution. If you’re a fan of the post-apocolyptic genre and favor a Mad Max “Scavenger Sheek” theme then you should definitely check out Salt Lands!


Salt Lands

Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic survival board game taking place in an authentic, low-tech dystopian world plagued by drought. With your friends, you are fleeing from invading raiders, leaving your desert home: a plain left behind by a once great ocean, called the Saltlands.


It’s sail boats…but with tires on the salt flats!

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