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Legion of Everblight: Azrael, the Spearmaster

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Apr 13 2017

The highest power ranged attack in the game is from a warbeast throwing a spear. Come check out Azrael , Legion’s new warbeast.

Who Is Azrael?

Azrael is the new character warbeast in Legion of Everblight with Fury4. He is Kyrssa’s personal warbeast and packs a punch! Azrael is a character beast and costs 21 points. If you thought Loki had a nasty weapon you haven’t seen what Azrael can do.  The real beauty of Azrael is that he hits just as hard in melee as he does in range warfare.  Don’t be afraid to charge him in to finish off a heavy cause he can get the job done.

What Does Azrael Do?

Azrael has SPD6 MAT7 and RAT6. Pretty average and can get the job done with boosting. DEF12 is a little low in the Legion department but, his ARM18 is ok and can shrug off smaller guns.

Azrael is armed with spears.

Thrown RNG10 POW17 that causes continous fire. This is only 1 less power then Hyperion’s POW18 gun, but with strength buffs it can be even higher POW!
RNG2 POW17 that causes continous fire.

Special Rules:
Bond (Kryssa): Gains Ashen Veil. This makes his defense more respectable but, only if you are using Kryssa.
It Burns: If you hit Azrael you catch on fire in melee. Might take some light infantry out.
Serpentine: No knockdown is always nice.
Eyeless Sight: Legioneque!
Flight: Useful for terrain.
Immune to fire: Sorry menoth you can’t burn him.

Now to the RIDICULOUS!
His thrown spear has:
Critical Smite: Ranged slams are scary!
Reload 1: Most powerful gun in game can shoot twice.
Thrown: WHAT! That means strength buffs can make the already insane POW17 spear even higher!!!


Azrael Likes the Buffs!

There are a lot of strenght buffs in Legion faction if you start sneaking around the warlock cards.

Abby1 has Forced Evolution.
Abby2’s feat gives strength bonus.
Kryssa’s feat gives +3 which means Azrael’s gun would be popping off at POW20.
Thagrosh 1 has Draconic Blessing for +2.

Azreal would be a great addition to any list and these casters above just make him pretty absurd!  We haven’t even delved into what he can do with the likes of Lylth3.

Revenant’s Final Thought:

You do pay a premium for one of the best guns in the game. However, it is prorbably worth it. Azrael is SP6 RNG10 and that can easily be increased with combinations of slipstream and spells. He won’t have to boost to hit most heavies reliably.

Azrael is worth the points..

Grade A+!



~What do you think of the new winged monster Legion just got BOLS? Please share in the comments below.

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